A Message by the Municipal Mayor

As we continue to journey towards betterment, we continue to seek for opportunities that will get us connected. Collective success, after all, is achieved when we hear the voices of the majority, rather than just the selected few. Hence, the development of the official website of the Municipality of Palo – a platform that aims to connect and update every Palon-on wherever they may be.

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we heavily rely on technology to get information that is relevant to our day-to-day lives. We get informed and educated about health, economy, sports, and politics, to name a few, because of the internet and social media. More importantly, we get updated with information related to COVID-19, including health protocols and solutions from medical professionals for us to stay healthy in these challenging times.

Our goal and objective with the official website of Palo is simple – to inform and educate. The platform will provide and share information related to the current and future projects of our local government, status of COVID-19 and the vaccination program, initiatives of both the public and private sectors, job opportunities, releases of municipal and executive orders, and other news and updates that will benefit all Palon-ons. We will also highlight the rich history and the magnificent arts and culture of Palo and what makes who we are.

We continue to improve the quality of life in our municipality, not just for ourselves but for the future generation. It is our responsibility to create a community that is sustainable and ever connected. We have to carry on our legacy and ensure that our future children and grandchildren will live in a thriving and peaceful environment. This project is just one of the many, but I always believe that we are in the right path, with the right intent in our hearts.

Explore the website and share it to your family and friends. This is ours and together, we will overcome.